Welcome to JT Flynn Publications

My background

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, attended Dartmouth College (class of 1967) on a National Merit Scholarship, and received my law degree from Stanford Law School (1974).  In between the start and finish of law school, I served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, assigned to a branch of the Navy that specialized in cryptography and secure communcations.  After law school, I practiced law in Colorado Springs for 40+ years before (mostly) retiring in order to have more time to write and chase trout in Colorado's  high mountain lakes  and rivers.  (The fish rarely feel threatened.)

My writing roots

I've always liked to write and actually went to law school with plans for a career in journalism, but that wasn't to be.  For the past 25 years, however, starting in November of 1992, I've written a weekly column for Colorado Springs' daily paper, now The Gazette and formerly the Gazette Telegraph.  The column currently goes by the name Money & the Law and first appeared under the name Legal Ease. The column is about the law and the legal profession, and is written for non-lawyers with the intent to both inform and entertain.  A collection of these columns, Best of Jim Flynn's Money & the Law, is in the works and will be available in early 2018.

My style

Lawyers too often write in a stilted manner which perhaps makes them sound professional but doesn't do much for non-lawyer comprehension.  I enjoy writing in a way non-lawyers can understand and humor is an important part of the recipe.